Meet... Julia Visocka - Makeup Artist & People Lover

She loves people and people love to feel beautiful - this is the reason why she engulfed into beauty and fashion industry. For already 8 years she works as a makeup artist & stylist for magazine covers, photoshoots and weddings. Julia believes that beauty comes from within, but there’s nothing wrong with giving a little love on the outside too. 


Julia Visocka

Makeup Artist, Stylist, Traveler, Language Learner, Bike Rider & People Lover

Myself in 3 words … Humble. Open-minded. Adventurous

The best part of my work … to make people feel beautiful

My 3 working essentials … talent, smile, confidence

I’m most comfortable when … I’m at home

My mornings … I’m not a morning person

My guilty pleasure … cooking

The best dish to cook … chicken San Fran quinoa salad by Jamie Oliver

My style … my personal style

Favourite item … my engagement ring

Ideal Sunday … a good long walk on a sunny day

Movie worth re-watching … ”The Motorcycle Diaries” directed by Walter Salles

Right now I am listening to … Chet Faker

My dream vacation … honeymoon in Bali

My Resolution for 2015 … to cross out three of my main points from my bucket list


tea or coffee ? coffee

going out or staying in ? depends on my mood

gym or no gym ? Yoga and outdoor running

movies or theatre ? both

workday or weekend ? workdays because I always have to work on the weekend

book or magazine ? 19th century British literature

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? banana

cat or dog ? I’m a dog person

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? depends

grey or beige ? grey

train or airplane ? It doesn’t matter if only it gives me an opportunity to travel.

short hair or long hair ? I love having short hair 

beach or snowy mountains ? beach

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? behind


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