Meet... ME (Because It's My Birthday !)

When I started these series of questionnaires, I had few persons in mind whom I wanted to be interviewed. The question was - who will be the first one ? When I declined my persona in favour of Miks who has become a big part of Peppercakes, I thought that I will answer my own questions on my birthday week YEEEY here it is ! 

Honestly, this was harder than I thought (especially describing myself in 3 words, ha ha). Despite the fact that I have seen those questions with different answers so many times before ! 

Linda Vesate

Blogger, Creator of Lifetyle Blog Peppercakes, Photo & Video Artist, Actress, Fashion Lover and Observer of Life.

Myself in 3 words … independent, creative, organised

The best part of my work … possibility to meet interesting people, visit nice places and inspire readers.

My 3 working essentials … Macbook, iPhone and Calendar

I’m most comfortable when … I have slept more than 10 hours, the sun is shining and I have nothing on my schedule.

My mornings … are long! I press snooze for at least 5 times (est. time 40 min of extra sleep). When I am finally out of bed, I do my morning skin routine, drink water with lemon, do light 30 min stretch and make a cup of black coffee. And a day can start !

My guilty pleasure … nachos chips. They are so bad and so good at the same time. I try to break our relationship.

The best dish to cook … homemade candies from chocolate and condensed milk - they are very not-fit but heavenly delicious ! (got an idea for next Yummie post :))

My style … depends on my mood and varies from midi floral skirts in 50’s style to distressed jeans and hoodies.

Favourite item … my iPhone because it's filled with some many heart-warming pictures and texts

Ideal Sunday … I wake up on midday, the sun is shining, I go out for brunch with my boyfriend and then spend whole day just hanging on a beach.

Movie worth re-watching … I do not like re-watching movies. But as a kid I watched movie about Mozart for 50 times at least (literary every week).

Right now I am listening to … Spotify playlist Acoustic Covers (SIA Chandelier on the spot)

My dream vacation … Corfu !

My Resolution for 2015 … Half of the year has already passed and some of my resolutions are checked off - mostly the ones that are connected with material world (Yeey !). For second part of 2015 I want to work more on my inner self - learn to stay calm and balanced in any situation, be less controlling and pamper myself more.


tea or coffee ? coffee (preferably with condensed milk)

going out or staying in ? 50 : 50 

gym or no gym ? gym once a week

movies or theatre ? movies

workday or weekend ? weekend

book or magazine ? anything printed on paper

homemade or takeout ? takeout most of the time and homemade on special occasions

apple or banana ? banana

cat or dog ? cat (being loyal to my animal)

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? falling asleep with sunrise

grey or beige ? grey

train or airplane ? airplane ! Don’t like trains at all.

short hair or long hair ? long hair

beach or snowy mountains ? beach

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? I lo-ove being in front of a camera but the other side is pretty cool too.


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