Make Up For Ever Lecture on Cateye

While we are waiting for new Ultra HD Foundations by Make Up For Ever, wonderful make-up artist from MUFE store in Riga showed us the Cateye look, using currently available old products. Only the most dedicated beauty lovers came to the presentation, despite the melting +28°C weather.

New Menu Presentation at Restaurant Buddha

On a surprisingly sunny May evening vegetarian & vegan restaurant Buddha presented their new menu. Together with an opportunity to taste new dishes and drinks, there was also musical performance by group "Baraka", vegetarian cooking demonstration, drawings of Mandalas and meditations. The event felt classy and relaxed at the same time - two things that are difficult to combine but yet Buddha did it.

Ghetto Burger

Ghetto Burger have been our saviour for more than a month already. Since we discovered it in a very long trip just around the corner of home-street, we've been dining there for amount of times that officially exceeds my limits. One Saturday we even got there for late breakfast and I finally tok my camera to take some pics in daylight because I was dying to tell you about this place !

Boho Tea Party by QooQoo

Latvian fashion brand QooQoo stands for uniqueness, creativity and personal expression. Starting with bold clothing - bright colours, amusing inscriptions and cute / funny prints, to even way of partying. Rounding our accustomed Wednesday's wine evenings, QooQoo decided to throw a Boho Tea Party 


Yesterday I took my wonderful Mom to Kūkotava for a piece of birthday cake and a drink. When we entered on a late afternoon, the place was packed - luckily we found a small table for two in the back of the room. Kūkotava is a very charming bakery / cake shop which feels like granny's sunny kitchen.

Pietura Coffee Shop

When couple month ago I saw Illy sign put over a reconstruction place nearby my Tram stop, I was very excited for opening of new coffee shop in the neighbourhood. Finally, on a second Saturday of March it opened and surely we went to check the place !


What associations do you have hearing prefix "i-" ? I bet you think of iPhone, iPad, iMac or other Apples ! When passing by construction place under "iBar" sign, I was wondering if eatable goodies will be connected with technology ? Oh, yes, indeed, behind white curtains there is a bar  and Apple store - blended  with grace and chick.

Tortes Fabrika / The Cake Factory

Tortes Fabrika - Cake Factory is a small and very charming place hidden on a small street in an ex-industrial district. I spotted it accidentally when running my errands around the city and couldn't help but enter to see what brick walls and showcase full of buns and cakes were all about.

Mū Cafe

Usually, as we shoot a look at a cafe, we also snap some pics for PLACES posts. During last photoshoot we wandered into Mū Cafe, located a little way out of busiest city centre and a little bit closer to my home (yeeey !). This Saturday morning I had a girlfriend date here and I'm getting a feeling that Mū is conquering its place in my favourite spots' top.

Restaurant Terra

Right in the middle of rushing Riga centre there is a peaceful oasis - Restaurant Terra - a place to feel closer to roots. From Latin Terra translates as earth, ground and reflects the main concept of their fooding : carrots, potatoes, celery, ginger, onions and many other vitamin and mineral packed underground miracles served in healthy, fresh, simple meals.