Shine Riga - Staro Rīga 2014 [VIDEO]


Happy 96th Birthday, Latvia ! 

What a better way to enlighten (literary !) dark November evenings than to put up lights around the city ? Shine Riga is wonderful opportunity to explore the city again - in a new light and this was what I did Tuesday evening on the last day of the festival ! 

i took my camera with me and plunged into winter air between other 500,000 people. The first stop obviously was by the biggest birthday cake ever - 1.2 tons heavy and 38 square metres big which was decorated as Latvia's outline and coloured as national flag. I wish I could write a sentence or two about how tasty was the cake but unfortunately I did not get a piece. It turns out that my love to cakes decreases proportionally to temperature fall outside. Actually all evening was spent jumping from coffee shops to Festival objects and back again into warmth and then again outside.


This time I turned off my perfectionism and did not even aim to go through all Festival spots - I did not even take a map from info centre - and decided to trust intuition and the crowd. It worked out pretty well and I even found my favourite object - projection on the Radio house (which takes the most part of the video, ha). All celebration was finished with fireworks which, as you will see, are not in the video below because at this time I was warming up in a coffee shop, drinking Tirmisu tea (no, I did not lose "and" between those two - there was no cake but a flavour in the tea !) and catching up with a friend. We are from those people who do not like to stand in the cold between thousands of people - we prefer warm comfort and luxury of watching video afterwards.

But still - the Festival was bright, bold and overall great ! I love city lights at night and especially on Christmas time but this was different - a little bit of fairy tale sprinkled over Riga !

 Welcome to check the video below with my favourite moments from Shine Riga 2014 ! Hope you had a great long-weekend and saved up enough sparkles for the rest of the week !