Tortes Fabrika / The Cake Factory

Photos by : Miks Ramāns & Linda Vesate

Tortes Fabrika - Cake Factory is a small and very charming place hidden on a small street in an ex-industrial district. I spotted it accidentally when running my errands around the city and couldn't help but enter to see what brick walls and showcase full of buns and cakes were all about.

The place is barely one month old but already full of customers - three tables always have dainty lovers enjoying a relaxing minute during the day, as well as running-by ones who stock up with take away goodies. I found out that this place belongs to a brother and sister (how cute is this ?!) - Natalya rules the kitchen and Dmitry leads the business. 

Let me share with you my biggest astonishment - those big "decors" like a statuette with Cinderella dress or a vase with flowers are CAKES !! 100% eatable, by the way (though it is advisable to wrap off the outer decor-part and eat only the real cake inside, I couldn't do that, could you ?). It takes about 60 hours for Natalya to make one of these miraculous creations and if there are flowers included, even more, because she makes every petal manually. 

Opening the curtain to backstage a little - Natalya has Master's Degree in Law and all this caking started as a pure hobby for family and friends birthdays. For last 4 years she's been spending a lot more time in kitchen than she could ever imagine, and so opening The Cake Factory was a natural development of events.

Just remembered that I did not express my excitement about the yummies yet, ha ! De-elicious is everything - from the salty ones my favourites were pasty with moccarella cheese and dried tomatoes and "hachepuri" which is like a small pizza-bun with cottage cheese, egg, greens and cheese. On the right side of showcase there are sweet ones - cakes, brownies, tarts, cupcakes, muffins and very soon you will find here also macaroons. I tried gluten-free chocolate cake and cheesecake with berry filling and white chocolate on top and both of them were truly amazing !

Everything is made only from real products - no mixing powders and no artificial colours, keeping it fresh and natural. Though Dmitry admitted that right now it is not the most profitable way to lead, they do not want to sacrifice quality over short-term revenue - bravo !

Summing it up - I loved this place ! The Parisienne style with specially made decors, the mind-blowing cakes, the super delicious yummies and above all - warmth and welcoming from the owners who truly care about their visitors. 

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Adress : Berzaunes street 7, Riga, Latvia