What associations do you have hearing prefix "i-" ? I bet you think of iPhone, iPad, iMac or other Apples ! When passing by construction place under "iBar" sign, I was wondering if eatable goodies will be connected with technology ? Oh, yes, indeed, behind white curtains there is a bar  and Apple store - blended  with grace and chick.

When you first enter, be prepared to splurge out loud "what is going on here ?" question (no worries, it happened to me, as well as every other person who came in during my visit). Luckily, a super friendly and smiling staff will be there to kindly tell you, that this is a bar - coffee shop, soon to be restaurant, as they will start serving also serious dishes in addition to cakes, and an Apple store with whole range of newest technology and accessories. 

Accommodating the style of Apple, iBar's space is ample, bright and clean with lots of details and interior design objects that look 100% Pinterest-style but by no way feel overwhelming. The high level is kept in all aspects - from products that are being sold, drinks that are being served and professionals that meet visitors. On our visit few days ago, we could not try any dishes yet, but just yesterday iBar announced the new menu of salads, soups, breakfasts and desserts which I am keen to taste !

By now this is very nice place for cozy meet-ups (oh, those huge, soft white sofas !!) as well as serious conferences. It looks like iBar will be one active and creative spot, so I am waiting for actions and events in near future ! 

iBar website | Facebook

Adress : Blaumaņa Street 12a, Riga, Latvia