BACKSTAGE : Carnival Youth x Samsung Galaxy A VIDEO

Latvian indie & neo-folk band Carnival Youth cooperated with Samsung Latvia in making music / advertising video for Samsung Galaxy A. They took song Octopus, mixed with stories from famous movies: Titatnic, Forrest Gump, Moonrise Kingdom and Desperados, caught some random actors on the street and made it happen in a one long filming day. 

I happened to be on the set because Miks was working there as a camera assistant and I could not pass an opportunity to breath in some filming air. Though there was an official backstage photographer (pictures soon HERE), I snapped some pics to complement the video. The filming took place in the Dome Square where mini stage with all decorations were built up. I must say that this was an extremely windy day with constant rain waves, mixed with sun playing hide&seek every ten minutes. Though the atmosphere was very nice and friendly and everybody worked as professionals !

Check also other video for song Octopus and Carnival Youth channel on Youtube cause these guys are pure talents, making so awesome music ! I bet there is at least as much work involved as talent and that's why they deserve even more respect !

Photos by : Linda Vesate