Ghetto Burger

Photos by : Linda Vesate

Ghetto Burger have been our saviour for more than a month already. Since we discovered it in a very long trip just around the corner of home-street, we've been dining there for amount of times that officially exceeds my limits. One Saturday we even got there for late breakfast and I finally tok my camera to take some pics in daylight because I was dying to tell you about this place !

The place is quite small, divided in two areas - eating zone with round black wood tables and chairs and an ordering zone where behind the counter all cooking takes place. Brick walls, vintage details and dark interior elements instantly got my inner visual-freak's liking. However, this is the place you really go for FOOD - always fresh, deliciously cooked and so large portioned that not every person can handle it ! Moreover, when I saw grain buns in burgers, my heart melted... Can it be more perfect ? Yes, as they serve equally amazing salads too, if you are in a healthy mood. 

I suggest to order anything & everything, because I haven't noticed better-worse dishes yet. All meals are tasteful and satisfying - you can just go for different flavours / types. Btw, chicken nuggets are killing (in the best meaning of the word, of course). Though Ghetto Burger is apart from city centre, there are always visitors inside, be prepared to catch the last free table on Saturday morning !

Ghetto Burger Website | Facebook Page | Instagram (@Ghetto_Burger) | Twitter (@Ghetto_Burger)

Adress : Pernavas Street 42, Riga, Latvia


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