Boho Tea Party by QooQoo

Photos by : Linda Vesate

Latvian fashion brand QooQoo stands for uniqueness, creativity and personal expression. Starting with bold clothing - bright colours, amusing inscriptions and cute / funny prints, to even way of partying. Rounding our accustomed Wednesday's wine evenings, QooQoo decided to throw a Boho Tea Party !

Opening its nest's doors at very reasonable 6pm time, QooQoo awaited guests with incensed air, hot tea pots, cute sweets and of course all available clothing displayed on open hangers. The henna drawing corner immediately became the most popular spot, competing with always occupied tea table. QooQoo also prepared a whole suitcase with special offer pieces and later in the evening all visitors were entertained with poetry readings. 

The whole ambience was very bohemian - people were just hanging out, chatting, taking pictures, drinking tea and enjoying the evening. I want to steal the idea and make the tea party for my friends too, how about you ? Do you think it could become a new trend of partying ?

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Adress : Lacplesa Street 35-15, Riga, Latvia