Photos by : Linda Vesate

When living in a city for long time, it is natural to start fancy some places more than others. I have my favourite streets in Riga - it's like a square in the city centre. The area which in my eyes is RIGA. I love houses on these streets, I found great shops there and my most visited cafes are situated within the square. Kūkotava is located in the epicentre of my Riga for quite a time already and I do not know why I haven't told you about it yet !

Yesterday I took my wonderful Mom to Kūkotava for a piece of birthday cake and a drink. When we entered on a late afternoon, the place was packed - luckily we found a small table for two in the back of the room. Kūkotava is a very charming bakery / cake shop which feels like granny's sunny kitchen. With a little vintage touch, it comforts all visitors in sweet and warm atmosphere. The kitchen, full of bustling bakers is placed just behind the counter - glass showcase, so everyone can watch process of kneading dough, forming and decorating. 

The choice of desserts is very wide - starting from both sweet and salty buns, big and small cookies, candies, eclairs, macarons to tarts and beautifully decorated cakes. Plus there are special pastries for holiday celebrations (which right now are Easter cakes and chocolate bunnies) and salads for the hungry ones. Kūkotava also offers a solid drink menu including teas, Illy coffee and variety wines. We chose a piece of pink cake (I guess it was cream cheese - berry) and just baked cappuccino cake. Both of them tasted heavenly but the cappuccino's crusty base, hint of coffee and peanut butter got my heart (taste buds) melt !

I am happy that working for many years Kūkotava has only increased it's level of quality and assortment. It has become a very popular spot for meetups and little celebrations thanks to it's high quality desserts, homelike atmosphere and amazingly nice staff !

Kūkotava Website | Facebook Page 

Adress : Terbatas Street 10/12, Riga, Latvia