Dr. Hauschka evening with international makeup artist Karim Sattar

I just came from Hotel Bergs where, thanks to Julia's invitation, I spent a lovely evening listening to Karim Sattar talking about Dr. Hauschka skincare and makeup products. I'm so excited (and I can't hide it !!) that I want to tell you everything while it's still on my mind (I swore to take notebook with me for further events !) ! Be prepared for the longest story.

The whole event was literary perfect ! It took place in the room on the 5th floor which had 3 glass walls with a wonderful view, though you can see it on pictures. So, let me tell you what you can't see through pictures. The lecture was held by international makeup artist and Dr. Hauschka ambassador since 2012 - Karim Sattar, who personally greeted everyone at the entrance with a big smile and compliments (he loved my sweater, btw). A nice table with refreshing drinks, fruits and mini cakes was waiting for guests as well as Dr. Hauschka foundation testers. 

I've known the name but haven't really tried the products because I was never an eco / organic fan, although after this lecture I feel like going this way. In few words - Dr. Hauschka is a brand of natural skin care and makeup products, that is so pure that it can be eaten without health damage (but do not do that !). Because of it's natural structure that gives much benefits to skin, some sacrifices had to be made - there is no waterproof or neon makeup. Also, there are no skin care products for night because Dr. Hauschka believes that skin regenerates while sleeping, and by putting anything on it (especially oily products - omg, I am so guilty on this), the skin do not do it's natural work. 

The lecture consisted from 3 parts : the first model, chosen randomly from audience, got a day makeup, the second model got a perfect liquid eyeliner and the third one got fuller lips and smokey eyes. Between the sets Karim determined color palette, most suitable foundation tone and gave some tips to every women in the audience. According to Karim, I need the foundation No.01, black eyeliner makes me look a little sad (hello, aubergine ?!) and, in general, black doesn't suit me (darn it !!).

There were many tips during the speech (I really, really regret not having a notebook with me), so I will share with you some of them ! These tips & tricks are especially discovered using Dr. Hauschka products, so I do not claim they will work with other brand's products :

1. To cover redness / freckles use powder, then foundation, then powder again. It will give more coverage.

2. To have fuller lips apply light eyeshadow around outer corner of lip line. Using eyeshadows for lips is said to be common trick in magazine photoshoots.

3. For a perfect winged eyeliner put dots on both sides of outer corners and then connect the lines. Another eyeliner tip - draw a line with grey pencil first, because it is easier to correct it, and then apply liquid eyeliner.

4. Apply concealer only on inner corner of under eyes area and tap with finger. It is absolutely unnecessary to swipe it till cheekbones.

5. To apply mascara more easy, bend the brush in 90° angle (do it just once - not back and forth every time!).

6. To correct makeup mistakes, like mascara stains, put some foundation on a cotton stick and swipe the stain with it. It won't leave a hole in makeup like a remover.

7. During night let your skin rest and regenerate, using it's natural powers.

8. Too much moisturiser will decrease the longevity of makeup.

9. To make waterproof mascara from a regular one : apply mascara, dab first and second fingers in similar colour eyeshadow and press lashes in between fingers. Karim swore that we could go swimming with these lashes ! 

10. To get matte eyeshadows (all Dr. Haushcka eyeshadows have a satin finish), dab a brush into the eye shadow and then dab into translucent powder.

Apart from practical information, Karim told us how he was doing makeup for Amy Whinehouse at MTV and shared the embarrassing story how he accidentally damaged with foundation model's Roberto Cavalli dress in front of 700 professional makeup artists. Still he is so-o charming and cheerful and filled the whole room with such a positive energy ! I got inspiration to dig a little deeper in the field of natural beauty products - are you coming with me ?