New Menu Presentation at Restaurant Buddha

On a surprisingly sunny May evening vegetarian & vegan restaurant Buddha presented their new menu. Together with an opportunity to taste new dishes and drinks, there was also musical performance by group "Baraka", vegetarian cooking demonstration, drawings of Mandalas and meditations. The event felt classy and relaxed at the same time - two things that are difficult to combine but yet Buddha did it.

I wish I've eaten these exquisite vegetarian dishes in my vegetarian times - I bet I'd been blown apart. Though now I appreciated unusual taste and product combinations as well. Unfortunately I can not describe all dishes because it is not so easy to remember foreign titles and Eastern products but I know for sure that there was a beetroot chop, special bread sandwiches with roasted cheese and tomato, cheese sticks and many many more. My favourites were desserts, of course - chocolate, berry and coconut (?) cakes plus round shaped candies (I am sorry if some names are inaccurate here). You could never ever tell that they are vegan because they taste so-o delicious, made from fresh and ecological ingredients.

The restaurant is not only for vegan yoga lovers. Vegetarian dishes cooked from highest quality products in a right way are full of nutrients and will nourish body giving a healthy rest of meat. More and more I am paying attention to quality of food than simple protein - carb consumption. I think that it is better to eat smaller amount of ecological and nutritious food than just regular sized portion of whatever because it will give your body more vitamins, minerals and all necessary nutrients.

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Adress : 15 Raina Bulvaris, Riga, Latvia