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Make Up For Ever Lecture on Waterproof Summer Look

Make Up For Ever Lecture on Waterproof Summer Look

Photos by : Linda Vesate

You know my love for Make Up For Ever - their products, tutorials and just everything about the brand. Once a month I am religiously attending their lectures for a fresh dose of beauty inspiration.  I've told you generally about this event already but now I would like to go into more details on what & how.

Last lecture's theme was Waterproof Summer Look - colourful, fun and resistant to all summer enemies: high temperature, sweat, water. Model's face was already done, so we are talking only about eyes. Here is step by step on how to get this Waterproof Summer make-up !

1. Apply Eye Primer on upper lid. Concealers as eye make-up base won't work in summer !

2. Start with Aqua Cream #11 in golden shade - on inner corner of eyes.

3. Apply Aqua Cream #22 in dark green shade - on outer corner of eyes and under outer lashline.

3. Connect both colours with salad green Aqua Shadow.

4. Bolden lashline with Kohl Pencil #6K in black - on upper lashline and inside waterline. The pencil has little golden shimmers that will perfectly complement green tones.

5. Repeating all steps with Diamond Finish Shadows. Apply black diamond shade #D-104 on outer corners of eyes - on dark green areas.

6. Apply dark green shade #D-306 on outer corners of eyes - on boarders with black area.

7. For middle sections of eyes make-up artist used salad green #171 from old collection.

8. Repeat upper colouring under lashline - green shade #D-306 on outer corner and salad green on middle section.

9. Intensify lashline with Aqua Black liquid eyeliner and brush #260.

10. Apply white gold eye shadow under brows.

11. Final touch of mascara Smokey Stretch.

12. Fill brows with Aqua Brow #30 and brush #270.

13. To complete the look - mix Sculpting Blush #18 and #22 for cheeks and apply neutral lip gloss Lab Shine #D-16.

14. Fix make-up with Mist & Fix.

Event place : Poetica

Adress : 58 Brivibas Street, Riga, Latvia


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