History In Ball Gowns. Exhibition by Alexandre Vassiliev

Photos by : Linda Vesate

This is beyond comprehension ! I am still full of emotions after seeing so much beauty. I had an opportunity to take part in the press conference with Alexandre Vassiliev and observe the exhibition two days before the official opening. 

Mr. Vassiliev took everyone on a tour, acting as a guide and telling history facts as well as funny stories about gowns. Did you know that in 30's the most expensive coats were made from monkeys fur ? And in the beginning of last century every girl had a ball notebook where she wrote down list of young men's names and dances with them.

I sincerely recommend to visit the exhibition and see with your own eyes 93 exclusive couture ball gowns and 720 accessories. It is truly amazing and inspiring ! And now, have a look at those tempting pictures... 

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Event : Invitation to The Centenary Ball 1915-2105

Time : July 16 - October 25 2015

Place : Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (10/20 Skarnu Street, Riga, Latvia)