Anna Panna Cake Book Presentation

The girl who is all about cakes - Anna Panna. She showed us recipes in magazine, inspired on Instagram and taught tricks on TV. On July 1st she achieved one of her dreams - published a book.

The book Anna Panna's Cakes is a compilation of very special recipes that were tested and cooked many times before being honoured on printed pages. All recipes have amazingly beautiful photographs and even if you are not into cooking, pictures will give enough enjoyment.

The presentation was held on a 4th floor in shopping centre Stockmann. The event was simple and tasteful, as Anna herself. Small speech that followed by book signings and personal greetings. Guests were enjoying sparkling wine, small cupcakes and each other's company.

Check Anna Panna Website | FB Page | Instagram (@annapannalv)| Twitter (@annapannaLV)