Make Up For Ever Lecture on Cateye

While we are waiting for new Ultra HD Foundation, wonderful make-up artist from MUFE store in Riga showed us the Cateye look, using currently available old products. Only the most dedicated beauty lovers came to the presentation, despite the melting +28°C weather.

Here is step by step how to create this Cateye makeup that happens to be summer heatproof!

1. This time makeup artist started with eyes, leaving foundation application to the last step. Apply Lif Concealer  No.2 under eyes and beneath eyebrows (skipping eyelid !).

2. Apply Eye Primer on the lid, using finger tips.

3. Fix the concealer with HD Microfinish Powder.

4. Warm up Aqua Matic Eye Stick No.S-52 by rubbing onto hand and apply on the eyelid with a brush.

5. Instead of an eyeliner, use Aqua Brow No.30 and a small brush. Draw the line along upper lashline with little fling and blend it upwards. Turns out that Aqua Brow is can be used not only on eyebrows but also a liner and could be blended extremely well. The makeup requires line along bottom lashline too but if your eyes are naturally small, you can draw 1/3 of a line.

6. On top of the Aqua Brow apply Artist Shadow - Matte Finish No.618 Espresso. Use the fan technique (not the banana technique !) - blending shadows upwards until they fade.

7. As a transition tone use Artist Shadow - Matte Finish No.630 Sweet Chestnut.

8. On the inner corner of an eye apply Star Powder No.953 Peach with Pink Highlights.

9. Use brush No.202 to apply black eyeshadow Artis Shadow - Matte Finish No.100 Black on the outer corner of the eye, along upper lashline, connecting it with bottom line. 

10. Use brush No.242 to mix brown - orange eyeshadows and use the tone to make smooth transition of colours in the middle of the lid.

11. The makeup requires black line on inner lashlines - both on upper and on bottom lashes. Use Aqua Black cream shadow and thin brush draw a line inner lashlines.

12. Check the area under bottom lashline - it should be smoothly filled with colour, without any blank spaces. If necessary, blend some more black eye shadow there,

13. Clean up are under eyes, if any shadow has fallen there and apply concealer + powder once again.

14. Preparing skin for foundation - apply Skin Equalizer No.1 Mattifying Primer on T-zone and No.3 Hydrating Primer on the rest of the face.

15. Apply foundation - for example, HD Foundation No.125.

16. Fix the makeup with HD Pressed Powder.

17. Instead of usual Sculpting Kit, use Pro > Bronze Fusion No.25i Cinnamon to contour.

18. Apply blush - Sculpting Blush No.20 Satin Blood Orange.

19. For highlighting use Shine On Powder with brush No.142.

20. Brush eyebrows and colour them with the same Aqua Brow No.30 and brush No.274.

21. Put little bit of golden shimmer under eyebrows.

22. Use Lengthening Mascara .

23. Apply false lashes like Artistic Eyelashes No.26. In order to make them less stiff, twist them around thick brush and leave for few seconds. 

24. If necessary, draw line along upper lashline with Aqua Black and colour bottom lashes with mascara.

25.  Lips are left very simple - no pencil, just Artist Plexi-Gloss No.302P Golden Coral.

Here is the result - bold and feminine look. Are you going to rock Cateye this summer ?