Make Up For Ever Lecture on Contouring with New Ultra HD Products

Another month and another lecture by Make Up For Ever (YEEY). The new Ultra HD Foundation has recently hit the store in Latvia and, naturally, makeup artists were using it for demonstration.

Though contouring is not THE thing anymore, it is still very useful tool to make your face look good on camera. Ulta HD foundation is made for latest super-sensitive 4K cameras that welcome natural glowing face.

The make-up artist created basically the same natural - cinema look using Ultra HD products, making left side (as your viewpoint - left on the screen) glowing but right side - matte. On photos you may not see huge difference (obviously because I don't have 4K camera) but I assure you that in real life there was difference.

Step by step guide for this make-up:

1. Apply small amount of Skin Equalizer that suits needs of your skin.

2. On the left side use Ultra HD Stick Foundation, blending it with a sponge. On the right side: use  Ultra HD Fluid Foundation and apply it with a brush.

3. On both sides apply HD Concealer under eyes, using concealer brush.

4. To contour the left side of the face use lighter and darker colours of Ultra HD Stick Foundation, drawing lines and blending them with a sponge.

5. On the left side : add HD Second Skin Cream Blush #225 Peachy Pink. 

6. Finish by applying HD Pressed Powder on the left side. It will not mattify the face so the glow will be there !

7. To contour the right side of the face use Sculpting Kit.

8. Add a touch of Sculpting Blush #18 Satin Light Peach on the right cheek.

9. Start eye make-up with Eye Prime, applying it on both eyelids.

10. If you are in a hurry, choose satin eyeshadows instead of matte because they are easier to blend and you do not need to be super precise. To create this look: apply dark eyeshadow on the arch, emphasise outer corners with olive tone, apply light eyeshadow on the eyelid and under brows. Use dark eyeshadow to draw line along lashline.

11. Use Aqua Black to emphasise even more lashline and draw lines on inner sides (aka tightlining).

12. Get some False Eyelashes (remember to use black glue because white one is seen on camera close-ups).

12. Apply lengthening mascara like Smoky Stretch. If you have extremely white lashes, do this step also before applying false lashes, as you won't be able to access all small lashes now.

13. Define eyebrows with our all time favourite Aqua Brow. By the way, you can use Aqua Brow as a liner too.

14. Finish with HD Pressed Powder.

I tried new Ultra HD Foundation and must admit that the dewy finish is addicting. As my Face & Body is going to the end, I am thinking of buying the new Ultra HD instead of repurchasing F&B. Though I am concerned it would be too heavy for everyday use. #girlproblems