Presentation of Wooden Bikes Made in Latvia

Little unusual theme for me - bicycles. Don't get me wrong - I love riding by Riga streets on my white city bike. Usually I am going to work and back home and on sunny summer weekends we went for longer rides but all of them were in boundaries of the city. I love how bike helps me in everyday life and is a part of my relaxation time as well. But I've never paid much attention to technical details, brands or decorations.

So, as you understood, I cannot tell much about specifications of the new wooden bicycle but just look how beautiful it is ! Materia Bikes are very light - Miks even tried to hold it on one finger (you can see proof on this picture). I am especially proud that this unique creation was made by Latvians ! By the way, it took only one year to turn this idea into tangible result - see, everything is possible, even in such a small country.

The presentation was held in Brūklene Pop-Up Shop in shopping centre Stockmann. We had wine, coffee and friendly chats with the authors who answered all questions (except one - about the price which is still a secret).  I find wooden bikes pretty cool - do you like them ? Would you like one for yourself ?

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