Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar - Ginger

Photos by : Linda Vesate

If the name doesn't scream CHINA from the outdoors, then you will feel the Eastern vibe with the first steps inside the place. Though I have never been to China or Japan and all my associations are mainly formatted from movies, animations and imagination.

Blonde bartender, who looked like a true Latvian girl, told us that there are real Chinese chefs cooking in the kitchen (I do not dare to repeat the name of region they come from, cause it will be embarrassingly incorrectly spelled). Full of excitement, I and Miks made orders and chose a table near the window. There is also a small terrace on the street but the day was too windy so we decided to stay in.

I was not hungry, so I opted for a cappuccino which was I bet the creamiest I ever had with a sprinkle of cinnamon, but Miks was having rice noodles with eggs and beef, sprinkled with chilli olive oil and a Japanese beer. The portion of meat is usually ordered for two plus rice / veggies on the side for each, because servings are quite big. As an expert who has been to China last year, Miks appreciated food being tasty and Chinese but much less spicy than original one. Turned out that in the beginning Ginger's cooks made REAL Chinese recipes but they were too strong for local taste and so the amount of spices was altered.

We liked the place and are planing on revisiting some day (maybe for sushi ?) though the price range is more of a datenight than everyday lunch. The atmosphere is pleasently variant from usual hipster places but not too oriental and the staff is very chatty and relaxed that is always a plus !

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Adress : 34 Blaumana Street, Riga, Latvia