I could not be more excited to tell you about this place ! Actually I found it for myself twice - first of all, I spotted it while walking by to office every day and, as usual, promised to visit it for a coffee break or lunch. But the real introduction to it was after 2 months when finally (and not planned !) I got a meeting with my friend there - if she had not invited me to Trusis, it would have probably ended like the story with tiny French cafeteria in the Old Town, which closed before I gathered myself to try their croissants (if you want to do something - do it NOW !). 

The place is so warm and peaceful  - not in the lazy way but in somehow I-just-feel-good  way. Maybe this is just my personal preference of brick wall instalments, wooden furniture, colourful light bulbs and overall soft tones with sparkle of cheerful details. Maybe it is morning sun that shines through big windows. But most likely Trusis charm is in people who created this place and fill with their care and love every day.

Trusis is run by two young women in their twenties who are not only long time friends but also share the same name (how cool is that already?!). Long story short - one of them got the idea to open a cafe (despite no clue in this field of work, by the way!) and the other one joined to help (luckily having some experience in restaurant business!). So they found this place and repaired it totally with their bare hands - they even cast down the wall and made bar from that wood (girls power, huh?) !!! But what made me really fell in love with Trusis was their catering policy which I formulated "as for myself at home". When we go grocery shopping for home, we usually try to buy the freshest and healthiest products and cook them with love and care. I was so amazed to hear that there is a place where fresh bread is specially brought from a baker, where local wine is offered, where vegetables are considerably chosen ... Believe it or not but you can taste it, smell it and feel it !


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