Vintage Room

This is definitely going to be one of my favourite places ! I ended up in "Vintage Room" after a research for a beautiful place to celebrate my Mom's birthday. The restaurant has definitely it's own charm - beauteous but not too overly plummy,  decorated but not too intrusive, solid but not severe. 

And of course food - I do not dare to call it tasty because this word seems so plain and simple referring to exquisite, flavourful and nicely served dishes we enjoyed. Menu is not very large but all meals are interesting and special. We chose fish with carrot - seed salad and sweet potato scone with green leafs, beet and mozzarella. At first, I was little sceptical about beet-mozarella union but it turned out great ! For dessert we had Chocolate tart with ice-cream and red wine which were, well, like everything else - amazing ! Although food is the centrepiece of restaurant, there is one more thing - a very important one -  waiters. They were so sweet and welcoming that we really felt like being guests at good friends house. 

I am so grateful that everything went so well and whole day, all presents and surprises cheered my Mom and made her day special ! Sharing this love (and some pictures) with you !  


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