Little Affairs #08

As I noticed on Instagram this morning (which was a midday for rest of Europe) - "Sundays are made for sleeping and eating yummies" and collecting in mind all happy details from last week. Though the weather was grey and rainy, though I had lack of sleep and went to gym exactly 0 times (ups, ups !), I feel happy and this is the best feeling in all world.

This week was all about :

Trentemøller concert in Riga, 06.10.2014.

Trentemøller concert in Riga, 06.10.2014.

Exploring New Music - I was never a fan of electronic music (let me allow not to discuss my sweet / mainstream / pop / weird music choices here) but I must admit that I liked the concert more than I thought I would ! Besides live performance is always a heart (ear) stealer !


Coffee-ing in all possible ways. There is some magic about this drink - the taste, the serving, the concept - that hooked me up and doesn't let go. This week I was asked, are there any foods I still love but stopped consuming because they are unhealthy. Honestly, it was hard to name ! It is not necessary to restrict myself because the good feeling after eating clean and healthy meal is so addictive ! BUT the only, only thing I crave for is a big latte - macchiato with flavoured syrups and as you can see from a picture above ... we met.  


Rainy Days full of grey light. Honestly, I can't even think what to say more here ;D


Keeping It Healthy On-The-Go which turned out to be not so hard ! I am practically living on this fit - protein drink (do not be amused by picture on bottle, please !). Also in my bag : nuts, a piece of fruit and dark chocolate. 

Planet Amber (Latvia, 2014)

Planet Amber (Latvia, 2014)

Cherishing the culture - as you might remember, recently I was attending Amber Exhibition and  now I was happy to attend premiere of documentary "Planet Amber". Latvians, if you still think of this golden stone as a exceptionally "ours" you might want to reconsider your opinion. Once again my expectations of the experience were beaten by 100% up - the film has technical quality, engaging story and many, many interesting facts to learn !

Mascara : GOSH - Lenghtening Black | Foundation : Makeup For Ever - Face and Body | Parfume : The Body Shop - Shea

Mascara : GOSH - Lenghtening Black | Foundation : Makeup For Ever - Face and Body | Parfume : The Body Shop - Shea

Little Shopping at discounts days in Stockmann and The Body Shop. This time I was prepared - no wandering, no looseness ! Just picked up items I REALLY need and that's it. Challenged survived, proud of myself like never before ! 

Have a peaceful Sunday evening, my Friends ! 

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