Little Affairs #09

Another great week was spent doing interesting things, meeting long time - no see friends, working, partying and even squeezing in a totally lazy day ! I love when I am busy and the most important thing is to remember enjoying it and not getting stressed by small stuff, cause you can not do everything and be everywhere and look perfect all the time. So there is always a choice about priorities, and mine is to feel good whatever I am doing. 

Last week was all about : 


No Computer for 24 hours - from Saturday evening until Sunday evening. Of course I did not plan it and this is why my Sunday post of Little Affairs comes out on Monday. I feel refreshed and recharged to continue working (almost as new as Yosemite ;D).


Friends. There is no better word than this. (And if your best friend is a fashion designer and brings to you a bag with specially made clothes - pink unicorns are flying down the rainbow.)


Macaroons overeating. This was truly delightful ! (Guess how long I was searching for an adjective to describe my feelings of this box full of macaroons and STILL I do not feel that this is the right word !). Pictures from cooking class with the most amazing dessert expert Anna Panna soon on the blog !


Little Surprises like when somebody pops up in the middle of a workday with a cup of your favourite coffee. These things make a day !


Manicure at this great place called Kichy Kuko. This time I had very romantic pastel nails as I was preparing to style a very special evening dress (spoiler alert !!). Definitely coming back there to try some cra-azy nail designs ! 


Guilty Pleasures - everyone has it dark side which comes out from time to time. I am not even posting picture of this mega-huge pizza I had delivered directly to my bed. It's like the highest level of laziness (and pleasure ;p).


Taxi Drives (selfie in a cab - please look above !). Feeling little bit spoiled to have so many taxi rides in one week. (Is this even relevant to the article ?)

Thank you for reading and for all your positive comments and remarks towards Peppercakes - this means so much to me ! Have an amazing start of the week, Friends !