Little Affairs #10

Sunday evening but I still feel a lot of energy and inspiration running through my veins. Yuuhuu this feels so good ! Although this week was quite busy and loaded with work, I guess the fulfilment I get from doing things I like, is the magical force that gets me going. 

Here are my little happy details - some of them you may have seen on my Instagram, some of them not. This week was all about :

Baltic Beach Hotel SPA

Baltic Beach Hotel SPA

Dream Job for me is starring in front of a camera - this surreal feeling when all world fades away and you are living in a different reality, being other person and yourself at the same time ... Though filming in a SPA commercial will not get me an Oscar, it made my simple middle-week morning very special and enjoyable. 


Moving around the city with a lots of stuff. Keeping my essentials - water and few beauty products in a comfortable backpack.


Love in all its ways - towards people around me, towards work I do, towards things I create and things I get, towards sunny days and grey days and towards myself. Even found a book with "Tales About Love".


The-Yummiest-Bakarey I have ever been to. Very small and simple place with indescribable confectionary. Unfortunately it is located in a nearby town (or maybe fortunately because otherwise I would start renting apartment near it). I will remember this taste forever (or at least until next time).


Nice People from Aquapark, where we were filming this week, gave to all crew tickets to little summer fun in cold Autumn. Such a lovely surprise !


10.25. / 25.10. Do you see the time - date connection too or am I the only one ?

Sunday Playlist 

Thank you so much for reading ! Wish you sunny and lucky next week ! Be active, productive  but most important - happy !