Happy Details / Little Affairs #11

This was a truly non stop week. Work, fashion week, parties, photoshoots - it all feels like one whirl. I am desperately longing for a weekend of that I can spend sleeping, eating and watching TV-shows (yup, it all goes to basics in the end). But still it was fun ! And it is better to be exhausted from fun activities than bored from laziness, isn't it ?

My usual Sunday post of Little Affairs got renamed to Happy Details (hip hip hurray !). I had this idea some time ago already but wanted to wait until fair #10 edition and also give time to rethink because going back to previous name after 3 posts would be ... khem... silly.

This happy - busy week was all about :

DAce Bahmann SS2015 collection

DAce Bahmann SS2015 collection

Riga Fashion Week - though I am not a fashion blogger or anyhow related to this field, except I love playing with clothes, making different outfits (not-always-stylish), I felt really happy to attend a couple of shows and experience Fashion Week vibe !


Mixing Pleasure and Work like brunching with technical equipment and talking about new post ideas on a free Monday morning. Borders are melting. But on the other hand - my work, my hobbies and all I do and think about ARE my life, so why should I set any limits on myself ?


Reading a book so I could check off one of my November to-do's already on the 1st date. And because it was actually interesting and reminded me to focus on working and creating more than saving money on eating out. 


Keeping It Heathy while dreaming about renewing my gym membership. Quest Bars are my saviours on busy days - especially when I am balancing on the edge of sweet cravings.


Being happy and sad, crazy and boring, chatty and ignoring - letting myself being who I am, feeling what I do. Bad mood will eventually pass and there is nothing to be scared of or ashamed of. We need our ups and downs, we need to bend in knees in order to jump high. 

I wish you an amazing Sunday evening ! Hugs and kisses, Friends !