Happy Details #13

As I promised a week ago - I was going to get my phone out every day to capture all happy moments, so today we have a good post coming. This week was actually great - I am smiling as I am looking through my photo stream. The only thing I could wish for would be few more hours of sleep but when choosing between adventures with amazing people and night rest, I always think of my granny-age when I will have plenty of time to rest, bake cookies and knit mittens (or travel the world, read inspiration lectures and climb mountains - who knows ?!).

This week was all about :


Monday is first day of a week so it is very important to feel good from the beginning. Anything that makes you happy (even chocolate cake with ice cream) is acceptable. 


Newcomers in makeup case - Make Up For Ever has released three new eye liners - in a liquid form, felt-tip pen and pencil. Not waterproof but still suitable for all levels of professionalism and all kinds of makeup. In a presentation I saw so many beautiful and feminine women with perfect makeup, that I got super excited and inspired to look more polished in everyday life too !


Pretty Nails always make me happy (I am woman !).  Kichy Kuko has become my favourite place for manicure - sitting in a nice and cozy salon, drinking latte with chocolate candies or cookies (the unofficial menu changes all the time !), chatting with girls and in the end (hop-hop) having my nails done (and obligatory saying WOOOW) !   


National Celebration of Lacplesis day which is a memorial evening when all city is lit in candles. 


Filming fashion video which you will see soon on the blog ! Love, love, love the filming process - even if I have to wake up at 6 am to get ready for a morning shoot. Did I mention how much I love filming ?


Getting back to gym - seriously, I try. Squeezed a couple of light workouts and already feel my body whispering "thankyous". It is not about quantity - it is all about quality and fresh feeling afterwards ! 


Movie Night during 24h film marathon on our most popular cinema's birthday. I wanted to see Interstellar Movie so much because my Facebook wall was literally filled with check-ins and comments of my friends watching the movie. 3 hours flew in a moment and although I was not enchanted by it as others, I still catch my mind thinking of some episodes.


Coffee with Milk - finally I faced my true feelings and accepted my love to lattes and cappuccinos with tasteful syrups so there was barely no black coffee this week (BUT I start to miss it, hah). And these milky pictures - they are different in every place, how can I not love beautiful coffee ?

Thank you for reading and all support and good words ! Wish you cuddle-cute Sunday and amazing next week ! Be beautiful, healthy and happy !