Happy Details #14

November is slowly going to its end and here it comes, here it comes - I can feel it through freezing air, first snowflakes and lots of green - sparkly decorations in malls. This week was pretty cool (in all meanings of the word) and I think I have to start my warming season - flavoured teas, candles and cuddling is on !

Here are my Happy Details from this week :


Lights in Riga during annual festival Shine Riga. Our city became even more beautiful during Latvia's birthday weekend.


First Snow which made me sing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... " from morning till late evening. Christmas mood is slowly appearing !


Warmth wherever and whenever I could get ! Degrees are falling low, and although it is end of November already, we are never fully prepared for winter !


Special Lemonade at restaurant KID, served in a jar with fresh berries on top - tastes like summer !


Being on Filming Set - you already know how much I love acting in front of camera, but just being on a filming set is my second favourite work to do ! This time I snapped some backstage pictures of making a music video for a Latvian singer (can't tell you anything more now !).


Quest Bar is my little happy detail from time to time and I don't know why it appears here only now. Though I have bunch of questbarpics on my Instagram already !


Scary Stairs, old stairs, high stairs - I wish they were more flat but at the same time I like the old wood and scraped paint. It gives the mood. There are some things which we kind of should not like but somehow we are attracted to them. 


Coffee Company - I drink my coffee with hedgehog, who is your morning friend ?


Longing for lazy days, for long girlfriend phone calls and bed-TVshow days. I could not be more thankful for having full life with work, events and different activities but sometimes the simplest things which we usually do not wish for, are the ones we truly need. 


Happy to have all those wonderful, inspiring, amazing people in my life ! Thank you so much, Friends ! Who is your happy ?

Have a warm and cozy Sunday and let's all wish for more snow !