Happy Details #15

This week started as usual and even little more pleasant but I had no idea where would it bring me. There was much of thinking, doubting, reevaluating and  I ended up making couple of big decisions which will definitely make influence on my life in 2015. I am happy for my choices and keen to see new turns that life is preparing for me !

Aside from big decisions, there were small and happy details too ! This week was all about :


1st Advent which makes my mind admit that there are only 4 weeks left till Christmas and end of the year is coming soon ! Though festive preparation can bring extra stress - preparing presents for all people I want to greet, making them personal but still useful AND sticking to some budget so that I do not have to meet new year with empty bank account ... plus decoration of home, thinking through holiday menu and making choices like "do I buy or make gingerbread dough ?!". This can be overwhelming BUT I do not want it to be like that, so I've decided to take it easy and concentrate on most important things - being with my beloved ones, having a great mood and then comes everything else !


Almond Croissant in one of my favourite patisseries in Riga - Kaspara Dilana Konditoreja. I found this place on Foursquare some time ago while searching anywhere I could have breakfast on Sunday midday. The comment section was exploding about this almond croissant and surely I could not miss it too ! This week I returned here with my Mom and she appreciated my finding a lot ! They also have classic croissant, macarons and cakes - everything is delightful !


Theatre - haven't been there for a while and since I promised the playwright, who happens to be very charming young woman,  to see her creation performed on the big stage, I had no way out ! But seriously, I enjoyed the play : humour, acting and decorations (there were shining hens sitting on chairs in parterre amongst audience !). This mini stage model I found in Latvian National Theatre - so cute and so pink ! I literally wanted to be a little girl again and play with barbies in a doll house ! P.S. check the makeup I did for this evening here !


I Like It Sweet and I do not hide it ! Small present from Wok To Walk. By the way, their homemede lemonade is very nom-nom !


Reading the Book - real paper covered book, not pdf, which I got from library (this felt almost like an experience, ha !). Though my period of this kind of books is over, this one introduced me to few new theories which I did not know ! 


Skipping Breakfast most of the time (guilty !). This is very not good so do not be inspired from me ! But I understood how I miss my healthy, nutritious morning meals - egg whites, whole grain bread, avocados, fruits - and when I managed to squeeze in some home cooking time, I appreciated it even more !


Updating Pinterest because life starts on Pinterest. Now let me live there ! This took whole evening but it was like a meditation for me - I was all concentrated on what I want, deleting old pictures, unfashionable outfits and making it all fresh and inspiring for myself !


Dancing Christmas Trees in the centre of Riga. I think they're awesome, do you like them too ?

Happy first Advent, Friends ! Have a wonderful Sunday and exceptional next week !