Happy Details #12

Happy Details is my time at the end of the week when I get a look on my calendar, open photo stream and remember all good things that happened to me during past seven days. Sometimes I have so much going on that I even have to leave some moments unpublished because it would be too long post. I can't remember last time when I was struggling to write my Sunday post because of lack of pictures and events until ... tonight. 

Peppercakes is all about happiness and positivity, and though we all realise that life is not always a piece of cake, I always try to pick up only sweetest details and inspire you through my blog posts. However, I must admit that recently I've been feeling tired, overworked and even depressed from time to time. I really hate this state of feelings and my biggest wish right now is to get back on my harmonised vibe that I was living on. Back in September I felt so calm, peaceful, inspired; I knew my goals and went my way; I had dreams and faith; I felt so powerful energy shining through me.

This is not end of the world (not even my small world), and I am aware that there are wa-ay bigger problems all around (unfortunately !) but you know the saying : "Happiness is in small things". I know that everything will be ok, actually it IS ok right already, I just need clear up my head and put myself back on my pink vibe (yes, it is just like that - you pick yourself up and put on your happy vibe !!!).

Keeping the tradition - and though there is not much - here are happy details from this week :

Photo from TERRA Restorani gallery

Photo from TERRA Restorani gallery

Thermo Cups designed by latvian designers Ecattus, Agnese Kleina and QooQoo were presented in a beautiful event held in restaurant Terra. So many stylish people, delicious snacks and wonderful candle - lit atmosphere. The greatest part - I won Ecattus designed thermo cup in Instagram competition ! 


Yummies from the above mentioned event. Seriously, I can not get over them. Terra, you got me - I am coming back for dinner !


Short Documentaries devoted to Latvia's upcoming 96th birthday got their premiere night on the big screen. Different angles of our country seen through unique eyes of filmmakers brought a new perspective to my sight too.


Home[Mum]made dinner tastes so-o good. Visit your mums on Sundays !

Maybe it is because I wrote down my feelings or because I recalled moments when I felt happy, but I really do feel better ! I guess there is some truth in these "be-grateful-for-what-you-got" advices. Have an inspiring next week and be happy ! Hugs and kisses, dear Friends !