Happy Details #18

Have you prepared all Christmas presents ? Do you already have a Christmas tree ? Are you listening to Christmas songs (or are you already bored with them ? ) ? Do you miss snow ? As for me, I miss snow very much, still love Christmas songs, got exhausted from 2 hour present shopping and already baked a Christmas Cake (recipe coming on blog next week !). But I must confess that this year I have the least Christmas mood ever ... any suggestions how to boost it up ? (Should I google it ?)

This week was full of new experiences and feelings, as I made a big and partly spontaneous step of moving to a new living place. Beyond the excitement of new changes and attempts to squeeze in some settling in, this week was also about :  


Instrumenti Concert at Riga Cathedral was so peaceful and meditating - experimental music and very well - considered lightning brought the Christmas mood finally. Not the kind of jingle-bells-presents mood but more subtle, deep festive feeling.


Breakfast Sandwich replaced my usual protein pancakes because of new kitchen situation with pan / blender problems. I do not eat early breakfast (and some may call it already lunch at this time) but I always try to get enough protein and good carbs to have energy for an exciting day ahead !


The Unicorn Dress is secret name of this dress designed and made by my magnificent girl Viktorija Mironova. We do not know what's wrong with these sparkles but they fall of everywhere and on everyone and literally leave a golden sparkly trace behind the wearer. And they never end. Never. (Unicorn magic ?)


Christmas Sweet Nuts with gingerbread (!!) flavour. Those who live in Latvia know very well these cookies with condensed milk (which were beyond amazing already !) and now they've got dark brown colour and gingerbread (= Christmasy) taste. OMG. Do not trust the picture - it never stops on 2 pieces...


The Premiere of Fashion Video we made in collaboration with my talented, passionate creative friends. I am very happy of the result and thankful to all who participated. Already planning the E#02 !


Tea Cocktail has become a very strong competitor to my favourite drink - coffee. This one particular is Honey Tea Cocktail with cranberries from Double Coffee. It's not cheap but totally worth it, especially, if you consider it as a cocktail, not a cup of tea (which it is !). A great alternative for hot wine if you are not in an alcohol mood !


Radio 5 on the Street or to be precise - on the Central Station square, performing a charity action for seniors. Somehow Christmas time makes me want to do good and help and make the world better - is it just me or you feel it too ?


Photo Exhibition on the same Central Station square, showing Latvians and our culture. Just nice ...!


Peanut Butter with Honey by Nuteko (I could stop right here because for those who tried it - it says everything). Aagh, no, I want to continue - it is 100% natural and million percent tasty and super guilt free treat. I am being spoiled this week, don't I ?

Happy 4th Advent, dear Friends ! Hope you have a festive mood and wishing you to enjoy all Christmas preparations !