Happy Details #19

The big celebration is over, hope you had the merriest Christmas ever - spent wonderful time with your beloved ones, ate lots of homemade yummies, found under the Christmas tree all that you wished for, managed to watch Home Alone for 100th time (though we all swear to not watch it again, ha !) and got much of love and inspiration !

My Christmas week was quite hectic with few ups and downs. After much of cleaning and moving in works, I got sick just before the holidays, so instead of spending Christmas Eve in my family's gathering, I was sneezing and sniffing on my boyfriends shoulder, watching Grinch and eating condensed milk. But you know what - it was not bad at all ! I felt happy for having such a wonderful person in my life, and the next morning I woke up healthy enough to go on our little Christmas trip for another family meeting. Yup, yup, it all goes as it should !

This week I was more off than online as I wanted to relax and enjoy all experiences in life without camera lens in between but here are some things that I managed to snap by the way :


Pixel Tree - my first DIY Christmas Tree (approving colour placement counts as participation in the process, right ?). If you wonder, it is made from kitchen sponges, glued with hot glue and hung on nails. Though it is little bit skew, I love our unique tree ! And it brought us many presents, by the way !


Snow on Christmas morning was the best possible gift from nature. I can not describe my excitement, as I was screaming, jumping around room, singing and dancing like a kid.


Healthy Yummies - looks like everyone had a secret plan to put in Christmas stockings only healthy sweets, so there will be no after-holiday shock on scale. The epic point - guilt free macarons from my fit sister - can't wait to taste them with a cup of coffee !


Christmas Cards with handwritten wishes are so rare nowadays and that makes them much sweeter. I appreciate every word, thank you very much Mom that you still do it ! 


Knitted Goods are irreplaceable part of Christmas holidays. My grandmas were not that type of "cooking - knitting" old ladies when I was a kid, so receiving handmade knitwear for me was always a little dream. Somehow magical these cuties keep me warmer than anything !