Happy Details #16

Today I encountered a problem - if I listen to Christmas songs already, I will get bored of them till celebration, but I want to do it so-o much !! So what do we do ? At least I am acting upon my promise to not eat mandarins and gingerbread cookies until Christmas Eve. Two weeks to go, babe !

Besides my minor Christmas problems (can we even call them like that ?!), this week brought a few small happy moments :


First Interview with me published in the teen magazine Sirups - felt happy like a chocolate cookie :)


Sushi time with one of my childhood girlfriends - tasty food shared with long time - no see stories. We wondered, where do we spend so much time that we are seeing our friends so rare ?


Holiday Look lecture by Make Up For Ever felt so inspiring, as always ! Read the whole post here !


Instrumenti new album is perfect for calm, snowy winter days. Get the album and let's wait for the snow !


Laima Christmas House is not just a place with amazing holiday inspiration (I highly suggest to enter for couple of minutes, it feels like Christmas concentrate there !), it is a place where kids dreams get chance to become real. Everyone who enters can look through kids letters to Santa and choose one wish to make true. Like an angel here on Earth !


Beauty on a random day. 


Bench in Riga Old Town - was it here always ? Coz saw it like the first time this weekend !


Christmas Fair in Riga City Council representing goods from all neighbour countries. Tasty, beautiful and very Christmasy !


Room Decoration to bring more winter and Christmas mood. And of course giant cup with hot cocoa and some pretzels. 

I think I used word "Christmas" too many times already when there are more than two weeks left till we will jingle it in every other sentence. I have not even started to think about presents (except occasional thought that maybe I should start thinking about presents) and this makes me little nervous, as I do not want to leave it all to the last moment. What about you ? Are you already Christmas shopping (darn, again that word !) or rely on Santa Claus doing all the work ?

Wishing you sweet Sunday evening and lots of energy and smiley mood for the next week !