HER [2013]

Or it? What seems as a story based in mid 70's by colours on poster, a dramatic love story in the first 15 minutes of the movie, evolves into a psychologically - tech - emotional experience. When society is fed up with common relationship's screen versions put up in history, future, cosmoss, animation, or just "next door", this is what is actual now - this is what touches feelings and minds. 
Virtual communication with people who we know are common, with the ones we don't know - acceptable, but with no human beings somewhere on the other side? How real is REAL? Is beating heart a criteria of being alive or existence and intersection is somehow new forms of life?
Not to spoil the storyline for those who haven't seen yet 5 OSCAR nominee, I would just point out well thought-out visual concept in every scene, ovations earning acting performance and of course fresh hint of scenario (hashtag iOS, hashtag Siri, hashtag peoplegocrazyovertechnology).

Enjoy watching !


HER [2013]
Dir. : Spike Jonze
Scr. : Spike Jonze
Star. :  Joaquin Phoenix

5 OSCAR nominations 
Best Picture 
Music (original score) 
Music (original song)
Production Design 
Writing (original screenplay) - WINNER !

IMDB : 8.3