Summery /Part I/

Do you know this feeling when you just live every day doing things, thinking thoughts, planning events and then one moment just "BAM!" and something like "half of the summer has already passed!" appears in your head ? Well, this is what usually happens to me (actually, every season !). For last two month I've been doing so much interesting stuff (except blogging, obviously, heh... and I bring my most sincere apologies for that ! ) so I decided to make a little Summery (not a spelling mistake - Summery is "summary of summer", hah) to catch up on what's been going on lately ! 

1. /MAY 12, 2014/ Photoshoot for Lookbook RESORT 2014 by Viktorija Mironova - super talented upcoming fashion designer from Denmark and my very very best friend since school times. I love what and how she does it and I am very happy to be one of the few people who get to wear her special designs ! Promise to share pictures soon ! This time I was working behind the camera - enjoy the backstage video and look up for RST2014 collection on Viktorija Mironova Design FB page !

2. /MAY 22, 2014/ Ice-cream "Druva" commercial by Insomnia Pictures - these guys are really amazing ! Between all this Bachelor Thesis craziness I was so happy to have an opportunity to spend a whole day (and I mean it literary - from sunrise until almost midnight !) in nature, under sun, with great people, eating ice cream (this is not supposed to be a product placement moment, but I admit that "Druva" is one of the best ice-creams I have ever tasted in my whole life ! It has this natural flavour and creamy consistency and perfectly crunchy golden-brown vaffel - highly recommend to try it ! ). Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little because now it seems like a vacation, hah. Once again I was working behind the scenes as a Camera Backstage Operator and you are welcome to watch backstage video (above the post !) as well as final result here.


3. /JUNE 19, 2014/ OMG-24 ! Should I act / look / feel like an adult now? So many thoughts run through my head concerning the age topic (maybe I should write a separate post about it). Many people told me I look younger than my age and, honestly, I do feel younger but here comes the question - comparing to WHAT ? To society's stereotypes of how one should look and live at certain age or to my childhood visions about stepping into serious adulthood in my 20's or family expectations about their children's way of living ? Besides philosophy the day was filled with super sunny morning (which was such a ray of happiness after a week of non-stop grey sky and rain), a super rainy afternoon (which was the exact moment I and my good friend used to run to a donuts cafe, jumping over plashes and getting 100% wet - my skirt looked as if just from a washing machine !), nice time with my closest people, donuts and macaroons and tons of happy-birthday wishes which filled me with so much energy and such a positive vibe that I could not thank enough all my friends !  


4. /JUNE 20, 2014/ Graduation - FINALLY !! Successfully (and stressfully, hehe) I did my Bachelor work (I've already shared the movie part in previous post, don't think that you'd be interested in my theoretical analysis of James Bond movies), got Diploma (clearly remember when I applied for studies and told the programme director that "I will definitely NOT choose Camera Operator qualification". So here I am. Never say never.) and experienced a real "movie prom" wearing black dresses (sorry, I don't know the official name) and throwing up those funny hats in the end. Though I am thankful to my parents for opportunity to study in university and I really enjoyed all creative studies and I feel so happy and blessed for the things I've learned, people I met and experiences I got, I feel like the level is completed and I am ready for new challenges outside the school walls, concentrating on my personal goals and building up my dreams.


5. /JULY, 2014/ Make-up was always one of my passions but I never considered it as a real work for myself. [Funny things happen !] Until a few month ago in May I was asked to work as a Makeup Artist in a filmming of kids TV show. From time to time I've been helping out my photographer and model friends with makeups for photoshoots and filmming but this was my first serious experience. And you know what ? I loved it ! So I was really excited to be back again for the the second filmming part of the same project in July. As my makeup case (here I must admit that I was craving for the big aluminium makeup case for a lo-ong time) is filled with many many new beauty products, I am considering to do some makeup posts (any suggestions what would you want to see / read there ?) The projected ended just a couple days ago but I can still feel the good vibe when I remember the coolest team ever (or actually the "warmest" and most friendly" !), kids songs which stick in your head for whole night until they are replaced by the new ones next morning and taste-blowing oatmeal cookies. Hope that audience will feel all the positive energy through TV screens !


6. Movies -  are my passion, my work and my relaxation. Is it normal that after work on a filmming set, I go to relax to cinema ? Your passion is a piece of you and when your work is your passion it becomes a piece of you too. There were a lot of them lately. I was writing my Bachelor Thesis about James Bond movies and, naturally, to raise my level of expertise, I had to watch them all. If you are wondering how much are there - 26 (23 official and 3 unofficial versions, starting from TV pilot "Casino Royale" in 1954 until "Skyfall" in 2012). I will not bore you with my analysis but just say that I truly enjoyed the process and if you are thinking of repeating my James Bond marathon, I would suggest to do some background reading about film language and development to truly appreciate all the hidden and unspoken things.  


7. Books are like meditation for me. I never search for them - they just always come to me at the right time. If you follow me on Facebook, you've might noticed that I usually share some quotes from books I am currently reading (yes, I am always reading with open FB page, if on iBook or phone by my side, if with paper-covered book). After a wave of "success" and "career" driven reading, these ones are like a breeze of fresh air, suggesting that you do not need spend efficiently every minute of a waking hour, drastically plan your activities and fully concentrate on your work to become successful and therefore happy. In fact, you CAN be successful, rich, powerful and live in harmony, enjoying life with your beloved people and having amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But what if I LOVE what I do and I WANT to spend more than "4-hours per week" doing it ?! Ogh, life with is full of contradictions ! Still working on my inner philosophy. How do you balance work and personal life ? 


8. PEPPERCAKES - had a technical update yesterday. The platform which holds the blog updated a few features recently and I decided to take advantage of them. New features are more inside, but maybe you have noticed slight changes in design too. Revising all posts and pictures was such an inspiration for me ! I looked with a fresh view on pictures and posts and remembered how I felt and what I thought when posting them. I feel so lucky that I had an opportunity to create this virtual place and thankful to all my friends who helped me both technically and emotionally ! As I receive such questions from time to time, I would like to emphasise once again that this is not a fashion blog, nor advertising space. All brands and names that are mentioned in posts, I personally like and support and share with you as with my best friends.  Yes, there are many posts about outlook because fashion is an undeniable part of life but not it's centrepiece. Lifestyle - the style (way} of living in everyday life is composed of how we look, what we do, where we go, who we meet and what we think about all of it. All that happened in Peppercakes is just because I felt like doing it. This is not my source of income and I do not even follow page views because the main purpose of Peppercakes was sharing all the good stuff in my life to inspire you guys ! 

Thank you for reading ! I wish you a lovely Sunday ! Enjoy sun and hot summer breeze, eat a lot of ice-cream and give yourself a break - you are amazing, life is beautiful and tomorrow will bring only happiness !