What Are You Drinking This Summer ?


Hot hello, my dear Friends ! Finally summer came to Latvia and seems as if it is feeling guilty for such a cold and rainy June and kicking it now on maximum (dear summer, you are overdoing a little !!). I am in a total vacation mood - hanging around with friends, sunbathing, reading, watching movies and just enjoying the moment of freedom. Though my mind starts to tremble with little guilty thoughts about being non-productive, I try to calm down my workaholism - after a couple of crazy month with all work in movies, the Bachelor Thesis, Graduation and work again, I am quite sure that I deserve some lazy time ! 

Now I want to share with you my recipe of healthy, fresh and super-easy to make summer drink. This is my current obsession and I am drinking it for a whole day long (and right now too !). These are my usual ingredients which give a bit of sour and bitter taste but when I want to add some sweetness, I put apricots and a spoon of honey (yummie !).

Recipe : Lemon, Blackcurrants, Cherries, Cold Water

Mix all ingredients, smash with a fork to get juice and add cold water. For sweeter version add apricots and honey. 


Enjoy upcoming weekend and hot summer days ! Sending you my love !