Little Affairs #01

This week was full of beautiful events, beloved people and so much positive energy ! Because of me being busy enjoying all the good stuff in real life, I absolutely did not have time (or at some occasions laptop and wifi) to make posts as I was planning it. So after a super-hot week (all meanings of "hot" applicable), I finally had a good 12 hour sleep, little home-spa session and I am ready to share with you my memories !


Wedding. Last weekend I attended the first wedding in my life. The event was really beautiful - bride and groom were perfect, decorations and place were gorgeous, food was delicious (oh, prawns in batter, we shared some time together !), and opportunity to spend a whole weekend with my best girlfriends felt like a luxury. Official photos are still coming but this one was snapped while guests were enjoying some free time at the beach between the official ceremony and evening dinner-party. 

World Jazz Festival. Riga was happy to held the very first session of World Jazz Festival and I was lucky to be there, see all the world famous musicians and hear them playing live. From daytime open-air performance in Old Riga to evening concert in the city's biggest arena, my day was filled with amazing music performed by the greatest musicians. Big thanks to Pashkevich Management Group for invitation, I had the best time !


Beach. Finally, I got there ! Actually, it was spontaneous idea which turned out great - sun was never-ending, water was unbelievably warm with little waves and on top of that I got a chance to climb on an abandoned rooftop to view the beach, sea and pine trees from I hight I never did before (and I will not tell you what is this place because I am not sure that it is legal to go there, but somehow everyone knows about it).


Nice Stuff. I received some testers of Kerastase hair products, Garnier facials and Kenzo perfume - can't wait to try them all ! 


Make-up. Updated my makeup table and now it is the girliest part of the room. Just need to add a little mirror for the sake of convenience. Will you believe, if I tell you that I do not have a mirror in my bedroom ? 

Wishing you joyful weekend and the best week ahead ! Today is the first day of a month, so plan some great activities for August and do them ! We have 31 day to fill with summer happiness !