Little Affairs #03

Passing week felt really calm and relaxing - I even almost accomplished my goal of getting rid of feeling guilty when doing nothing "productive" (it is SUMMER VACATION, as I like to remind myself in head - yes, in caps lock !). Although I start to miss action and the great energy of working environment (read - film set), every day I feel unbelievably grateful for a temporary luxury of having no worries, no rush, no deadlines. It is even a little strange to do all day just things that I like, that make me happy, that I really want to do... but also amazingly great, and I start to think how maintain this way of living in long term. But now, sharing with you my little discoveries from the past week ! 


Clear the air (in your head) from all niggling worries, fears and passing scraps that mess up your mind. The moment when I felt like the sun of vacation is shielded with clouds of boredom, when freedom got caught in nets of laziness and inspiration started to decrease in constant progression because there was actually nothing - no to do's, no schedule, no pressure to think, move and solve problems - that was the moment when ideas started to pop, long ago searched answers rose and perspective got clearer and brighter. I probably should write a reminder to TRUST MYSELF, do not force things and rely on inner wisdom, because it IS there - inside of everyone of us. We will always get answers, we just need to ask the right questions.

Girl Talks (with stars) - unbelievably honest, open and sincere. The host Amanda de Cadenet is inspiration by herself - former actress, photographer, TV host and mother. I got totally hooked by her interview series The Conversations with Amanda de Cadenet where she talks to celebrities in a way like two besties would've done it - sitting on a couch, hugging knees and sharing the most emotional and personal moments (shared the first episode above !). 

IMG_8762 (1).jpg

Color Splash (happy nails). There was this uber-hot summer and one day temperature got stuck somewhere in an early autumn phase and sun was replaced by grey clouds and rain (all kind of rain - from small drizzle when you can't understand to open an umbrella or not because it's not like it's NOT raining but nobody is actually hiding under umbrellas, until loud thunderstorms with lighting when you feel abnormally thankful for just being at home). This was totally not enough for me and I publicly protest against autumn because August is still summer, isn't it ?!

Do It (or pay, lazy bastard !). Devoted to all procrastinators. The scheme is simple : visit Go Fucking Do It, write down your goal and time limit, apply a friend who will check the progress, and then just DO IT. Agh, and small nuance - if you do no succeed, you will have to pay to the owner of the site. Isn't it great motivation for upcoming Autumn period ?

Wishing you the best weekend and sending all my love, dears !