The Smell of Fitness


There is a small bakery just next door to my fitness centre. Diligent bakers start their work with first rays of sun to welcome early customers with freshly made buns, rolls, cookies, pies and cakes. Every morning when I go to my training (ok, busted, more like 3 times per week - but determination is the key, isn’t it ?), I have to go through a dangerous zone of fresh confectionary smell. Gosh, this is a challenge ! 

At first I was mad - how could these two opposites stand next door ? Where is integrity in life ? After few weeks I stepped into more philosophical set of mind : maybe this is a challenge from Universe so I can prove my willpower and determination ? I want to be fit and healthy so I undertook training and clean diet and now I have a chance to show how much I really want to achieve my goals. Every day (ok, ok, every other day - can I please just dream a little of persistent fitness routine ?) I passed the sweet cloud of flavours feeling irritated, frustrated and in a “this-is-not-fair” kind of mood.

But today was different. When I stepped out of gym, I, as usual, felt familiar flavour in the air. It was so warm and savoury that almost felt fulfilling and I thought “Why can’t I just ENJOY the smell ?!”. It obviously is pleasant, free and do not add a calorie to my body. It is like being in a museum where you can appreciate the greatest works of art by viewing but not touching. Maybe we would’ve got deeper experience after touching sculpture, not just viewing but we know the rules and we play by them ! So why don’t appreciate pastry by smelling but not tasting ?

We already feel good when smelling tasty aromas but it is not enough - we want more, we want to taste. And this is the problem ! We cannot stop ourselves in satisfaction. Smell is good but not enough if we can get more - if we can taste. A glass of exquisite wine is tasty but we will drink all bottle and then have a hangover next morning. A piece of Christmas cake is tasty but we will have three and then lay awake all night because of heavy tummy. Chanel bag is undying classic, Marc Jacobs bag is great, Moschino bag is so fun and Louis Vuitton bag is necessity - but wearing all of them at once would make me look like coo-coo, wouldn’t it ?

I calmed down and I feel like tomorrow my way to gym will not be irritating or even philosophical - it will be even more ENJOYABLE than if there would be car service instead of bakery because I am not afraid that some delicious flavour will sabotage my willpower (agh-aa that is what I really was afraid of ! Looks like writing is a therapy, ha !). Instead, I will take a deep breath, fill my brain cells with warm sugar-cinnamon-cream aroma and appreciate a moment of happiness before a training. And one after the training.