Summery /Part II/


Here we are - the last weekend of this summer. For so many years I awaited it with a pile of fresh notebooks, set of sharp pencils, new pair of jeans (always a tradition !) and tingling in fingertips. I never wanted to say goodbye to freedom, sun and shorts (hanging out with a boy gang, climbing onto trees and playing football ? -yeah, that was me !) but still I was always so excited for new beginnings, for changes in daily routine and of course meeting all friends finally getting back from camps, countrysides and travels.

This autumn is different. This year everything is different. No plans, no routine, no schedule. All I know for sure is that it is going to be September, that I have my beloved people with me - some of them near, some very far, but it doesn't matter because true love lies in hearts, not in kilometres, and that I have time and energy to realise my ideas and plans just the way I want it. 

This year a new season begins in the most perfect way - Monday, 1st September, Autumn (call me calendar geek, heh). At this moments I always like to look back and think of what I did (and didn't), what was great (and not so great), and make new plans for new season. This summer was all about :

V.O.S.A. Theatre performing at Riga Celebration 2014

V.O.S.A. Theatre performing at Riga Celebration 2014

Changes - some of them were planned, some were unexpected, some are seen from outside, and some took part inside of me. Change is natural, it makes the World spin and I've learned that it is better to accept changes and incorporate them in life or even better - make changes by myself so World will not have to force me ! 


Healthy living  -  as always started with a 100% motivation about my 5 days per week training programme and "boxes-diet" (looks something like this picture). For a month I really felt like a part of fitness world with all food-prep, lunch boxes in my bag and muscle soar. But then life interrupted me with it's plans and I understood that strict routine does not fit my unbalanced, unscheduled and creative way of living. Although I want to feel and look fit, this is not my main goal. I enjoy how my body feels when working out and eating healthy and clean meals, so I still do it but now for myself - not feeling guilty for occasionally oversleeping morning cardio or skipping second lunch if I am not hungry.


Natural routine - not about waking with sunrise and meditating before sleep. After my "Rising with the Sun" 21-day challenge, I understood that I am an owl and nothing can change it. For me morning workout starts at 10am. I am not hungry until midday. I have the best ideas after 11pm. This is not about laziness. This is about knowing who you are, feeling your body and living according to its needs - eating when hungry, sleeping when tired and working at your most productive time. 

Hope that you had a wonderful summer and spent it the way you wanted - either laying under sun, crazy partying with best friends or working hard on your dream job. Though cold seasons are approaching, I wish your inner flame to warm you, light the way and guide through rough times. And of course, good luck in upgrading wardrobe (did you already bought your new pair of jeans ? :))