Rising with the Sun Challenge

Day 1 of 21

Day 1 of 21

Good morning, friends ! How have you been ? Hope that you have not melted under our tropical sun - I personally feel like a melting icecream when walking the streets in the middle of the day. By the way, can you guess when is the most fresh and beautiful time of the day?

One morning, at the beginning of last month, I accidentally woke up ve-ery early and saw the most gorgeous, amazing view outside the window - the sky was grading from baby blue to pink with elegant golden ornaments and puffy, almost tasty piles of clouds. The air felt so fresh, and seeing the sun rise above trees and houses somehow made me feel so connected with nature and gave this peaceful, calm but powerful energy. So I decided to engage myself in a 21-day challenge of "Rising with the sun" which you could follow also on Instagram (@lindenee) as I was sharing a picture every morning for those sleepy ones.

Here are pictures of all my 19 sunrises - I skipped one when attending a wedding and going to sleep at 3am (I was thinking to stay up till sunrise but because of waking up at 5am previous morning and having super active and exciting day, I just couldn' t go for even 2 more hours awake - then it would count as 24 hours !) and well, ashamed to admit, but I overslept the last day of challenge (absolutely did not hear alarm and woke at midday, can you believe this ?!). Now I do not know whether the challenge counts as done or failed, but I am glad I did it (or at least tried). I saw so many splendid views, tried absolutely new daily schedule (including siesta sleep time !) and got a few valuable recognitions about myself.

Enjoy pics and see you soon !