Little Affairs #02

The week started unexpectedly unpleasant - with my laptop breaking down. I was so scared to lose all pictures and files but luckily when I got back my baby-Book on Friday afternoon everything was there - even tabs in Safari that were left opened ! These few days felt so ... different. It's amazing how we are used to all technologies and depended on them. On my first offline day I was like "gosh, what should I do ?!". What did we do before computers ? How did our parents spend days ? But accepting the situation as it was (well, were there any other options ? Ok, I sneaked to my sisters laptop to make a post about my sunrise challenge after failing to make it by phone, but that was it, honestly.), I felt more calm and relaxed with every day - my brain was getting rest from all minor incoming information and started producing quite good ideas and thoughts in full capacity (thank you, friend !).

So, this week was all about :


Books. Hit my local library to get one book and came home with this pile. Light stories for summer afternoons on balcony.


Playing with Makeup. It was so nice to get makeup done for a change, not doing it by myself. A full article with this makeup and look coming soon !


Polish Recipes. Catching up with good old friends is always great, but even better if they are keen on cooking. A dinner with three courses of hommade Polish meals and I am full of happiness !


Being Lazy like a cat. Turns out this is not so easy but ama-azing when you get on this chilling vibe. Don't stress. Enjoy the moment. Just be. (and enjoying just being !)

Have a great weekend, Friends ! Seems like we are getting tons of rain for upcoming days here in Riga but fun things happen even on rainy days, don't they ?