Little Affairs #04

Initially Little Affairs was meant as a weekend post, gathering all nice moments of past seven days, as there are going on many small details behind big blog posts (most of them surely captured with Instagram). September started powerfully and I was all about experiencing and enjoying new happenings so much that barely noticed how half of month flew away... So these two weeks were all about :


New collaboration with NYX Cosmetics - professional make-up from LosAngeles. I was extremely happy when they called me and asked to join their team. Now my mornings are spent playing with blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows - feeling like a little girl who got to Mom's make-up case !


Professionals' Brunch - as we like to name it on FB event title. The greatest tradition of course mates gathering for a Saturday Brunch once per month always in the same place. It started this spring and is still alive after graduation, only now it is renamed more sophisticated. It is always so inspiring to meet old pals, share our stories about last month's happenings (and when you are working on a filming set, it is never ever boring !) and just hang out laughing and eating pancakes.


Premiere of the kids TV show "Brinumskapis" Season 2. Ha, now you wonder why am I so excited about it ? Well, it accidentally happened (thanks to my former course mate Elina) that I was working on the filming set as a make-up artist, painting cat's whiskers, glueing colourful eyelashes and getting all so crazy-daisy with celebrities' faces (which made me feel quite uncomfortable at the beginning because well... it was just awkward !) All actors, musicians and team were so amazing and friendly that all work felt more like a game to play.


White Night  - annual event here, in Riga, when the city officially does not sleep, offering different cultural events all night long and free of charge. The event I was looking forward to finally experience but unfortunately managed just to attend animation screenings, eat excellent ice-cream and meet beautiful sunset on the rooftop before feeling sick and getting home inappropriately early (that's a fail, huh !).


Friends time is necessity and luxury in these grown-up days. We are all so busy making careers and pursing dreams that it gets almost impossible to find time for non-business meeting but it is so important ! Friends are our support, our sunshine, our soulmates - the family we choose living on Earth. I am so grateful of having people in life that I can call friends and my new commitment is to meet them more often (chatting through Messenger does not count !).

V by Maroon 5 - my everyday mood booster. New albums is so playful, energetic and light but still remains its unique sound which you can recognise immediately. Looking forward to watch "Begin Again" with Adam Levin which right now is in movie theatres in Riga.


Pink pages in "What Color is Your Parachute" by Richard N. Boles. Confession : I skipped the whole book because the theme just didn't feel relevant to my situation right now (but it seems like a very, very good reading for job hunters and career changers !). My eyes got caught on extra paragraph in the end of the book which actually was written on pink pages (only good stuff can be written on this colour - my love for pink is obvious from the blog's header, hihi). Recommend for everyone who finds themselves in life's crossroads.


1 eur - lucky price of the day ! Got these 2 rings on sale in Parfois (each for exactly 1 eur !) and afterwards found huge nail polish stand with all possible colours for the same lucky price. Literally been wearing coral nails and my new rings every day !


Good words about my blogging activities from people I never thought were following Peppercakes. Thank you, guys, it means so-oo much to me, you cannot even imagine ! This is the best inspiration for blogging and Instagraming. P.S. What do you think of pink-update for Peppercakes ?

Let's kick the next week ! Wish you tons of energy and many fun events where to spend it ! Peppersweet wishes, dear Friends !

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