About Change


A change takes only a moment. Here your are - single, jobless, lonely, bored, living your days in “same old, same old”, wishing and dreaming for better days ahead. And then you hear “You’re hired !” or “I do !” or “Would you be interested in traveling world and blogging about it - all expenses covered ?” (ok, the last one takes a bit more than a second and is a bit more unrealistic, but why not ?!). With few words your life changes - you have a new status, new responsibilities, new daily routine, new people around and in the lightness of feelings you see yourself waving hand with “oh, I totally should’ve not worried !”. But just in your head because noone actually saw your inside struggles, nobody heard your desperate inner voice screaming for opportunities, and no person on Earth felt your ups and downs.

Faith is believing in good times ahead. It is trust that in most desperate time a change will come and turn everything BETTER. Better than it was and even better than you expected. But we must welcome this change by letting go all sorrow and pain, freeing space for light and happiness. 

I believe in good in people, in sunny tomorrow, in opportunities around the corner. And if nothing happens, there is always another corner around this one, and there is always a new tomorrow. We do not know what will happen, and even if we think we do, our plans will probably fail, because life always gives us the best of what we need. Be the best of yourself, do the maximum of what you can and enjoy every moment !