Little Affairs #05

Here I am - Saturday evening, cuddled under under blanket, drinking camomile tea and remembering all this week's events, occasionally dropping a look into my calendar. The week was full - juggling work, family & friends time, reading, blogging, attending events and enjoying last days of warm Autumn (I always hope that weather reports will turn out wrong and sunny days will delight us another week but... we'll see !). Third week of September looked somewhat like this :


The Bridge, the fountain and the park - love these places so much ! Every morning I feel so grateful to pass by one of the most beautiful places in Riga. Even when running late, I appreciate the moment of beauteous intersection of nature and human powers.


Unofficial sneak-peak into a new Ecattus manufactory / store. The clothing brand created by two sisters conquered hearts (and wardrobes) of latvian youngster due to its simple and positive vibe. Wishing successful moving and unpacking ! Guess what to await in next weeks Lookbook ?


Amber is one of our country's treasures and jewellery making traditions now are as strong as they were hundreds of years ago. This week in Museum of Decorative Arts and Design an exhibition called Amber Era was opened. Between amber stones, jewellery, wooden boxes decorated with amber and photographs playing with this theme, my eye was caught by this approximately half meter tall amber tree - what a dedication to make every leaf from a small amber stone !


Coffee and even more coffee. Found out that : 1. you can buy a take-away coffee on every corner in Riga; 2. coffee in evening is a bad idea; 3. if you go against no.2, you will be happy about no.1 for the whole next day.

Exhibition "Survival Kit"

Exhibition "Survival Kit"

Contemporary Art is something... interesting. Not sure that I understood all messages but at least I expanded my viewpoint and it is always positive !

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) / Morocco (1930) / Queen Christina (1933)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) / Morocco (1930) / Queen Christina (1933)

Old Hollywood Movies and greatest stars - Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo. Despite of limited technical resources, old movies have so much heart and soul inside their stories. These women have such a charm - very feminine but self confident, graceful but strong, dreamy but independent at the same time. I am so inspired to bring more of this lightness and beauty into my attitude ! 

Directing : Film Techniques and Aesthetics by Michael Rabiger /4th edition/

Directing : Film Techniques and Aesthetics by Michael Rabiger /4th edition/

Book which I should've probably read while studying, but, ups, I got to it only now. Though I never dreamt to be a director, it is useful to refresh basic knowledge and find out few new thoughts.


UFO Launch - ok, joking, it is just a helicam. But still in my head it remains as UFO. (Anyone agrees or am I alone in this ?)


Seasonal Market at Kalnciema Quarter - a creative and hipstery place little off the city centre, where concerts, exhibitions and different events take place but every Saturday you can find there local goods - meat, cheese, ice-cream, sweets, bear, wine as well as hand made accessories, knitted hats and mittens and peppermint car filled with balloons hiding in bushes. Loved the welcoming attitude of sellers, fresh air and chance to taste all goods (oh if I only knew, I would have not eaten lunch !). Definitely returning after marmalade candies !

Hope you had super-duper cool week too ! Let's have some peaceful rest and battery recharging on Sunday to be ready to kick next week ! Bisous :))