My 24 Happy Moments of 2014

The whole year of 2014 have been lived through. After meeting New Year under fireworks, drinking champagne and making many wishes, I wanted to look through all my photos and remember the best moments. Thank you all, amazing people, who were with me experiencing all these fun activities because without you nothing would've happened ! 


1. Launching PEPPERCAKES was my last year's resolution and YEEEY I did it !


2. Working Backstage with amazing team Insomnia Pictures capturing making of rap music video and ice cream commercial.

3. Working in Film production - waiting for the premiere soon !


4. Doing Makeup on a kid's TV show which was one of the most positive filming sets I have ever been on !

5. Shooting Lookbook for my dear friend designer Viktorija Mironova.

Jun 03.jpg

5. Bachelor Work & Graduation - finally done !


6. Meeting Sunrises for a whole month was challenging but so beautiful that it was totally worth it !


7. Embracing Summer by riding a bike and eating much veggies.


8. Getting on Top of abandoned rooftop on the beach and seeing sand, beach and people from above.


9. Brunches with ex-coursmates in our favourite spot. Hope that we will continue the tradition next year too !

10. Attending Wedding - my first one ! So beautiful and touching ceremony !

11. World Jazz Festival was opened in Riga. Thanks to Deniss Pashkevich I got the chance to hear the greatest musicians and also snap some backstage moments.

Sep 03.jpg

12. Working at NYX Cosmetics and trying all of it. Guess who's an expert now ?

Sep 02.jpg

13. First Selfie and many many more selfies afterwards. Instagram proves it !

14. Filming in Jurmala Commercial - the best filming ever ! I got to experience luxury of SPA right from early morning.

15. Making Macarons in a cooking class was tricky but the taste was so-o yummie !

16. Riga Fashion Week and me wearing special dress by Viktorija Mirnova Design.

Nov 02.jpg

17. Discovering Kichy Kuko - finally I have my special beauty - girlstime place !

18. Balancing between healthy & fit lifestyle and tasty - guilty pleasures. Still working on proportions !

19. Winning Thermocup by Ecattus was special because I have never won anything in my life ! 


20. Makeup Lectures by Make Up For Ever - omg I just adore all and everything !

21. Filming Fashion Video was stressful but so much fun and I love, love, love being in front of camera !


22. Printed Interview with me about the blog. 


23. DIY Christmas Tree from kitchen sponges brought us many presents this year !

24. New Home just before holidays - all is settled and we are ready for new life in new year !

Hope that your 2014 was super cool and new 2015 will be even more interesting and happy !