Happy Details #21

Sunday is my day. It is time to sleep as much as physically possible, then lay in a bed for little more, eat some sweets for breakfast in a middle of the day, have conversations with friends, think about the week and make plans for next one. It is the lazy day - my favourite day.

This week was cold and snowy, maybe that's why I ended up watching so many movies and cooking at home. There was also Orthodox Christmas in the middle of the week (greetings once again !) which officially ended my festive season so now it is time to get the serious business done !

This week was all about : 

THE MOVIE : Woody Allen : a documentary started my week on a creative and whimsical vibe. Woody's movies have particular charm which comes straight from his personality. Knowing him little bit closer makes it easier to understand his work too.


My Funny Cat - she eats cheese. Boosted my mood up for 100 levels !


Sklandu Rausis is national Latvian pastry which is made from mashed potatoes, carrots and rye flour base. Do not be fooled with its apparently small, hand-fit size ! This is probably the most satisfying thing I've ever eaten - felt like a lunch in my tummie !


Supermini Room - isn't it cute ?


Healthy Start & End of the day - ok, I have already managed to get myself into healthy breakfast routine including a piece of fruit, eggs and whole grain bread but my biggest challenge was to repeat it in evening. I understood that the key for having a healthy homemade dinner is just as simple as having green leaves and some chicken breast lying in a fridge. 


Makeup Games were played and next week something new will appear on the blog - stay tuned !


The Cutest Tableware at Galerija Istaba made my excitement maybe little too loud but together with the interior and atmosphere it worked so-o good.

Movie Nights with The Matrix - I have no idea how I managed to avoid the trilogy for half of my life but at least now I am catching up. Final movie scheduled for tonight !

Hope you are enjoying Sunday ! Wishing you the best next week ! Hugs & kisses !