Happy Details #22

When festive fun is over, all that's left are grey days behind windows and us, sitting in rooms, thinking what to do and where to go because, honestly, this weather requires quite a reason to step outside. Though now every hour of sunshine feels special and suddenly we see all world around in a different spectrum - so bright, shiny and happy !

My little happy moments of the week were all about :


Mini Art Pictures at gallery - shop Galerija Istaba (read more about it in the previous post). If you look closely, each one of them is so amusing, and there are full walls with these hanging mind-drops.

Melissa Sings Take Me To Church - gosh, this babe rocks till' bones with the voice and the vibe. And she is also super cool in terms of fashion - read her style story on Garance Dore blog !


Extra Protein on the go. When you are with my fit sis', there is no way you stay hungry. I confess, this is one of my favourite breakfast meals ! 


Oldschool Tools - one afternoon I felt urge to take pen and paper and sketch down few ideas. Wow, that was pretty weird. Who knew in our teenage years that taking a pen in hand will be anything noticeable ... but here we are in the era of keyboards, touch-pads and touch-screens. And of course black coffee with dark chocolate makes any afternoon easier !


Animations took over my movie watching time this week. What a beeter way to have some laughs after grey and wet days ?


Post-Workout Snack :: wheybreads, banana and low-fat cottage with blended berries. Yes, I've been going to gym this week on a very acceptable schedule (1 more workout till perfection) and treating myself with yummie & healthy snacks !

Ballet on Rooftop - beautiful scenery, amazing moves and magic of cinematography, makes us, viewers, hold breath and live in a moment of dreams.


Bloggers Do it Better. Let's finish on this upbringing note ;)

Hope you are having wonderful Sunday already ! Sending you lots of love !