Happy Details #23

WOW it's already the 25th ?! - my first thought this morning, as I noticed number on calendar icon on my desktop (btw, do you remember those paper calendars - hanging on kitchen walls or placed near home telephone ? or those small ones for wallets ? ha ha ). Though I am happy that winter is kind enough to keep us in just few degrees below 0, the lack of snow and sun makes me seriously crave for spring ... (agh, my favourite time of the year).  But life is as it is, so let's enjoy every day of it !

This weeks little happy moments where all about :


Paper Magazines have not been in my hands for a while but this month 3 of my acquaintances where featured on printed press so I could not skip buying them. I do not know how they do it but it was such an inspiration to read words printed on paper. I'm thinking about returning to real magazines again !

Louboutin Nails - definately doing this on my next trip to nail salon. Thanks to May-Mayhem blog for the idea !

Applying Mascara for me was always the easiest step of makeup, which turned out to be more sophisticated than I thought. Have you tried this technique ?


MOVIE : The Hundred Foot Journey - funny, amusing and very light story. The movie did not impress me with technical performance but the super-happy end was all I needed for that night.


Picture Frames found on the wall of Mū Cafe. My favourite kind of decor for white room. Btw, story about this place coming out next week !


Eyeshadows where forgotten for some time and I thought that my life is easier without them but this weekend I rediscovered the fun of shading !


Personal Wearable Cloud - all your files on your wrist, accessible without wires and plug-ins. Coming out soon ! Read more HERE.


Yummies for Sunday breakfast - coconut cake and "snicker". All made from best flour and natural ingredients. Taste like heaven ...

Wish you joyful last week of January ! Thank you very much for reading, following and liking ! Your support means the world to me ! :)