Current Readings : My Favourite Blogs


My morning routine is pretty much the same, except those super early shooting days, when I barely manage to put on matching shirt and pants and rush through the door, but it is a different story. On usual days like to start my morning very slowly (and by morning I mean the waking-up time, no matter when it is). Little stretching, a glass of water, few skincare products, and my favourite part - a cup of black coffee and tablet opened on Bloglovin. Honestly, I spend like an hour reading new posts of my favourite bloggers !

There are very, very many great bloggers around the world and though we might get caught into competitive trap, I tend to agree with a blogging and music comparison : people do not have only one favourite artist, they listen to many similar (or different) singers, musicians, bands. So is with blogging - people follow many blogs and if one is unique, honest and interesting, there is no actual comparison !

Hope you will find as much inspiration as I do from these blogs :


The Chronicles of Her

I love the style of this Australian blogger - so clean, minimalistic, laid-back. I wish I could care so little and look so good.


Corina is a very talanted graphic designer and she shares her work on the blog. Plus from time to time she spoils us with stylish desktop background pictures (free downloads !).

Garance Dore

All members of Garance's Studio post here about fashion, beauty, inspiring personalities and overall life observations. But Garance's voice is something I can not get enough from - even from written words I can hear her french tone ! 

Gary Pepper Girl

You will not find long stories here, but who needs words if there are the most beautiful pictures ? The blog received well deserved "The Best Photography" award in 2014, so it is definitely worth checking how fashion and art of photography merge !


Kristina Bazan is my personal inspiration - she is only 21, but already blogging for 4 years and through hard work and dedication achieved the heights of blogging world. Though do not take for granted her luxurious lifestyle - click on her first posts and you will see that she started as a simple girl in Zara outfits on hometown streets.

You can follow your favourite blogs on Bloglovin - use their app or get a daily / weekly email with updates on new posts !