Happy Details #20

The first Sunday of 2015 and I am continuing the tradition of summing up happiest little moments of past seven days. Have you noticed that title got into new decade too ? Though there was a huge mark of a new beginning just in the middle of the week, this week actually lasts from December. I feel like there was a long festive marathon with tons of lovely meet-ups, going out, online conversations with my dear but very far friends and tons of sweets.

My favourite moments from this week were :


Post-Christmas Workout with my fit sister got my abs extra loads even before we got to exercise them ! "It's not like you are giving birth - just squat !" and many other comments made me laugh so hard, I barely could concentrate on right breathing. This was the best workout I ever had !! If you ever decide to workout with a personal trainer, I highly suggest Laila ! She is able to motivate even me and that shows a very high level of professionalism (almost lining with magic).


My Cat Eats Gingerbread Cookies and now we have to hide them in a cupboard. 


Pre-NY Dinner after some I-Need-Something-New-For-NY shopping. For even more perfect picture - it started to snow that afternoon !


NY Fireworks in the Old Riga - yes, I finally met New Year out in my city together with my man and crowd of people. Though official fireworks, khem, failed because of fog and all we experienced were just sound effects, people were saluting all over for next hour and our walk through the city felt really amazing !


First Dinner of 2015 and we are going out again because how you meet NY, will be the way you spend the year ! Very nice, except the fact that the place did not have any veggies or salads which was the only thing I truly craved after all festive dinners ...


Peppercakes Coffee with gingerbread heart on top (try not to look at huge pile of whipped cream !). It was as tasty as it looks like !


My Favourite TV Show in the gym ! Ok, it is my fav because I was working on it as a makeup artist and I really loved the team and all actors. At least something could hold me on a stepper while doing cardio !


Guilt-Free Macarons were waiting for me since Christmas. Maybe my expectations were too dreamy but, oh, they did not taste like macarons at all ... (once you've met a real macaron in Anna Panna Cooking Class, you are spoiled for life !). At least they were super healthy and appropriate enough to take place as a Sunday brunch cookies near coffee with cinnamon.

Hope you had a great week and the best NY Eve ! I suppose next week many of us officially get back from holidays so I am wishing you all lots of energy and kick-ass mood ! Let's have fun because life goes when we are celebrating as well as when we are working, so let's make our days count !